Saturday 25 June 2016

Highwalk Drains - looking better

Even after the heavy rain over the last week the drains on the highwalk protecting Ben Jonson House seem to have coped well. There are lakes nearby, but the house itself has not suffered a repeat of the great flood of 2013.  Good news indeed, so thanks to the maintenance team.  Here is a note sent to me late last week from the head of the maintenance team:

I am pleased to say that this morning's carnage of lakes, ponds and puddles was not within the footprint of Ben Jonson. We did have had a Lake on the back end of Cromwell which didn't clear from our efforts above. So we have had to go into the bows of the Barbican to find the drain runs and remove rodding eyelets etc. Breton also had a Pond of which we are tracing drain runs. Several other drains had puddles easily cleared from above of the debris from the flower beds.

Kindest regards
Head of Repairs and Maintenance
0800 035 0003

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