Friday 2 November 2018

Alex Novoa appeal update

The fundraising for the family of Alex Novoa  is going well.  The total as I write has just topped £2,500.

In addition to making very generous contributions, people have been asking me for information about how Alex's family are doing.  I don't have a great deal of detail, and really I don't want to ask too much at this time.  I communicate with Claudia by email, and the conversation is mainly about making sure the funds are accessible for her.

I contacted Claudia via the BEO after the house group decided we should try to help.  Claudia and I have not met in person, but Claudia has visited the BEO.  I know that the main concern at the moment is the cost of the funeral.  I understand there is no insurance or other cover there to help the family with this cost, but in addition to the GoFundMe campaign Claudia has received some help from other sources.  I don't have detailed accounts or anything like that, but my understanding is the cost of the funeral will be about £4,000 and the other sources provided something like £1,200.  This means that the very generous contributions to the GoFundMe are filling a critical gap.

Claudia has sent me many thank you emails, so let me pass the sentiment on to everyone who has chipped in.

The BEO have included an item about the fundraising for Alex and a link in the latest weekly bulletin.  Here is the text of that item:


Alex Go Fund me Page
The Ben Jonson House Group have started a 'Go Fund Me' page for Alex Novoa, the cleaner at Ben Jonson House who passed away on 17 October.

Alex leaves behind his wife Claudia and three young children.They are all in our thoughts at this terribly sad time.
If you would like to contribute please click here, or alternatively ask for an House Officer at the Estate Office reception to contribute in person.

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