Friday 16 November 2018

Ultra Low Emission Vehicles trial

The City are putting a toe in the water regarding encouraging the use of ULEVs (Ultra Low Emission Vehicle), e.g. plug in electric cars.  There is a flyer for a trial which being proposed for Moor Lane.  Officers were asked if this could instead happen on Beech Street, especially as this is one of the most polluted streets in London ... but officers apparently resisted this, claiming it would be too hard.  Hmm.

The Moor lane proposal has two options, one is to retain the current barrier which limits the times Moor Lane can be used for through traffic (this barrier was hard won by residents who had been disturbed by though traffic), the second is to remove the barrier to open the street to through traffic again, but only ULEV traffic.  Here is the flyer, followed by a notice from the BEO:

Click to read the whole flyer

From the BEO:

Moor Lane Ultra Low Emission Vehicle proposal consultation

The City of London Corporation would like your views on the proposal for a trial on Moor Lane which would restrict access through the south end of Moor Lane to only Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV).

As part of the Low Emission Neighbourhood project, which is a series of measures supported by the Mayor of London to improve air quality around the Barbican area, this proposal aims to pilot the concept of ULEV access only streets in the City, raising awareness of the concept and encouraging the uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles by road users in the City.
The City of London Corporation are proposing two options, with the view to this experimental scheme to running for a year from April 2019.
  • Option 1: operate an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle only restriction at the police check-point on Moor Lane 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Option 2: operate an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle only restriction at the police check-point on Moor Lane during existing road opening times (checkpoint will remain closed to all road users, weekday evenings 11pm - 7am and at weekends)
The City of London Corporation would like to hear your views regarding the proposal to pilot an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) access only restriction at the southern end of Moor Lane.
This pilot scheme would start in April and last for a year.There are 2 options, one of them removes the gate on Moor Lane that at present closes between 7am and 11pm.

All areas of Moor Lane will still be accessible from the north (via Silk Street, Milton Court or Ropemaker Street), however the proposal would mean only ULEV compliant vehicles could drive through the area by the police barrier at the south end of Moor Lane.

As Barbican residents, we would like to hear your views on this proposal. Please read our consultation document and, if you’d like to have your say once you have read the consultation information, please respond to our survey here

Further details can be found at:

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