Friday 16 November 2018

Tailgating & Security

From the BEO:

Tailgating & Security Reminder

We are taking this opportunity to remind residents to be vigilant about tailgating. This is the biggest security threat to the Estate and possibly the easiest to solve.

It seems prudent to remind residents not to hold the door open for anyone without a residents estate key but also to be mindful that the doors close properly behind you.
If you are not comfortable closing the door on someone and there is someone behaving in a suspicious manner, then please wait until you are in a safe place and call either the Police or your nearest Concierge or Lobby Porter.
Please do try to report it as soon as you can.
In the same way if you feel that someone is acting suspiciously then please contact your Car Park Concierge, Lobby Porter or the Police.
Please also remember not to 'buzz in' strangers to the block
If you spot that a door is not closing properly, please report it to Repairs.

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