Tuesday 5 March 2019

Arts Centre / BA meeting - Mon 4 March

From our very own house group rep for the Arts Centre:

I attended the Arts Centre/Residents Meeting last night. The main points covered on the agenda were:

1. Barbican Estate 50th Anniversary Celebrations.
Both the arts Centre and the culture mile are covering this in their events this summer. There will be a residents half day event in the Frobisher conference rooms, probably on June 8. This is part of the art centre contribution. There will also be a pop-up community hub, in one of the exhibition halls during July. They have planned a special screening of the history of the Barbican Centre in the Barbican cinema. This is likely to take place in July. There is also a small residents committee which is aiming to use the yellow shed for a month over the summer for various residents events including a dinner dance. However costs may be prohibitive.

2. Lakeside mini golf
Please see the documentation.

The Art Centre applied to do this last year but objections held it up. They have taken these into consideration for this years application and it's going ahead. This will take place on the 3rd of June daily through to the 8th of September. There will be a small picnic area adjacent to the mini golf course which is not shown on the diagram, but has been agreed to by the residents.

3. Sound unbound event
This will take place on the weekend of 18th and 19th of May. There will be musical events throughout the centre and three will take place outdoors. There is a separate residence committee covering this. Communications to the residents will start to go out in early April.

4. Lake cleansing and maintenance
There has been extensive cleansing and regrowing of plants in the lakes as a Barbican Centre initiative over the past 15 months. However there is a great deal more to do on the cleansing of the silt/mud in the main lake and the pressure of the fountains. They have looked into the leakage problem and are making some progress on this.

Please note that the application by the residents to have the Fountains playing later into the evening to mitigate the noise of general public has been agreed with the Barbican Centre and this is already taking place. The Fountains now operate until 830 each evening.

5. Management plans
The management plan for the Barbican Art Centre is reviewed every year and this will begin in July and will be agreed with the BA in September. The Guildhall management plan has been restarted, and will work in line with the Barbican Centre plan.

The Barbican Centre is working on the objections to the plans for aerials to be put on the roofs near the conservatory. They have already contacted the planning section of the City of London and are working with the residents committees to prevent this taking place.

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