Friday 4 March 2016

2014/15 Overspend Update

The 2014/15 repairs charge was 85% over estimate, with much of this overspend related to water penetration of various kinds. Inevitably residents asked how we could have been charged so much given that the 2003 roof works were supposed to resolve these kinds of problems and came backed with a guarantee.

After a few months we have now managed to get hold of the roofs guarantee documents, and the matter has been raised to the RCC (Residents Consultative Committee). It seems that this issue affects a number of houses on the Barbican Estate.

The latest from the BEO is this:

[Question raised at the RCC meeting:] Repairs & maintenance works for Andrewes and Ben Jonson House roof/balconies 2014/15 following water ingress – were these not claimable under the guarantees?

All works orders to Ben Jonson House and Andrewes House are currently being investigated. In 2014/15 there were 30 orders relating to Andrewes House (10 flats) and 37 orders relating to Ben Jonson House (21 flats). Many of the orders are for investigation works and in some cases resulted in works not related to the roof works. Where remedial works could be covered under the existing roof guarantee, officers are dealing with the insurance company to reclaim the costs.

In response to supplementary questions, the following matters were raised/noted:

There would be confirmation by the next meeting as to whether the works would be covered under the guarantees and, if so, there would be a credit to the residents of Ben Jonson and Andrewes Houses. Officers advised that the terms of the guarantees often differed between blocks and others were being investigated as part of this work.

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