Friday 4 March 2016

Flood Lighting for the School

Prior Weston school is one of three schools located in the Golden Lane Campus which is the school complex just to the north of Breton House, in Islington.

Prior Weston would like to install flood lighting to one of their outdoor play areas.  The school have given us a brief note explaining what they have in mind:

Click here to read the note
As the note says, we (Breton and Ben Jonson house group reps) met to talk with school and contractor reps, and we look forward to talking again when the plans are firmed up.  We have suggested a residents meeting where people can see the proposed lighting, ideally in action.

The area to be floodlit is shown on this photo of a google maps print-out we were shown:

Click for a slightly larger version.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a fait accompli...

Anonymous said...

When the campus was first planned there was an agreement that arrangements would be made to reduce noise from the schools. These included a noise baffle on the BJH side of the football pitch, and shrubbery along the crèche area. The noise baffle never happened, as it was claimed it would be too expensive and the shrubbery disappeared last year when the raised garden plots were erected.

I accept that a certain level of noise is inevitable during the school day and on the occasions when there are weekend activities such as cycle training, but I am very unhappy at the thought of this being extended into the evenings. The school seems to be completely ignoring the close proximity of a large number of residential units and our right to peace and quiet in our homes.