Wednesday 16 March 2016

UBS: The Bells!

Alarm bells have sounded several times during the evenings over the last couple of weeks at times between 20:00 and 21:30.  The sounds seemed to be coming from the UBS building so I popped in to ask and, yes, the bells were theirs.

It turns out that there is a maintenance programme running until mid-summer to check/test/fix the sprinkler systems in the building.  The alarm is triggered by changes in pressure in the system as this work is carried out.

The very helpful chap on reception put me through to the UBS control room which is located at their main building near Liverpool St. station.  The number is 0207 567 5040.  I spoke to Terry at the control room and he was very surprised to hear that the alarm was sounding, and said that it should not (except in an emergency, of course).

After talking to me Terry had a chat by phone with another chap who had arrived at the reception desk.  Following this chat I was told that in future the alarm will be disengaged for the brief time when the water in the sprinkler system is disrupted by the maintenance work.

There you go.  So there will be maintenance work in the UBS building until mid summer, but there should be no more work-related alarm bells in the evening.  If you are disturbed by UBS bells, the number to call is 0207 567 5040 and ask for Terry, Mo or Rashid.

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